Principal Warranty Corp. Launches New Tech Care Program

Principal Warranty Corp. has recently launched its new Principal Tech Care program. Tech Care plans provide coverage for expensive factory installed modern vehicle technology components typically not included in a vehicle service contracts. Today's customers rely on modern technology for safety, comfort, and connectivity to the outside world and when these components need repair, can be difficult and costly.

Tech Care plans are available for both new and pre-owned vehicles with terms from 1 to 8 years, up to 120,000 miles with zero deductible. Coverage includes the following factory installed technology components: Navigation Systems, Bluetooth Components, GPS, Sound System, Sunroof Trackmotor & Switches, Driver's Touch/Display Screens, Cruise Control Components, Built in TV Screens & DVD Players, Backup and Forward Cameras, Parking Sensors, Wireless Headphone Systems, Wi-Fi Data Connections, Lane Departure Warning Systems, Homelink System, Garage Door Openers, Night Vision, Parking Assistance, USB Ports, Speakers, and Smartphone Interfaces.

"We are excited to be able to meet the needs of our dealers by providing their customers technology coverage on their vehicle purchases. Modern technology components are complicated and can become a source of customer dissatisfaction when something goes wrong. Protecting your customers from these types of unexpected repairs and costs truly provides them with a complete protection package for their vehicle investment," said Travis Coulter - President, Principal Warranty Corp.

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